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 GDL-related technologies

Using these 3NF components, you can build your own software to process GSM or other standard GDL files (DOR, WIN, etc.) and scripts written in the GDL language.
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GDL Interpreter
Platform-independent C++ library to parse and interpret scripts written in GDL. Built upon proven, standard open source analyzer and parser technologies.

  • simple interfacing through a high-level callback mechanism
  • detailed GDL warning and error reports
  • configurable GDL environment simulated for global variables, materials and textures

GDL Modeler
C++ library based on the XVL Kernel to generate 3D models from primitive 3D GDL statements.

  • simple GDL-conform interface
  • support for 3D shapes, 3D cutting, materials, textures and mapping
  • model output in all the formats supported by the XVL Kernel from 3DS to CATIA

GSM Assembler
Platform-independent Java components to read and write GSM or other standard GDL files (DOR, WIN, etc.). Includes a standard C++ interface, enabling access from C++ code as well as Java.

  • reads and writes the full GDL parameter set
  • reads and writes all the different scripts from 2D script to the comment
  • reads and writes the preview image

 XVL-related technologies

Using this 3NF software development kit, you can build your own solution to work with XVL data.
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ALEX (Abstract Library for XVL) implements a thin layer over the DOM-document which describes the XVL model.
The library is built on standard open source packages and can be easily extended.
It supports maximum portability by being independent of platform- or compiler-specific issues.
It supports Unicode to ease internationalization.

» See the ALEX wrapper class hierarchy

  • extremely easy to use
  • reading and writing text and binary XVL files
  • XVL data reduction (size reduction from 10% to 80%)
  • adding, deleting and modifying shells and groups (including modifying assigned textures and materials)
  • adding, deleting and modifying materials
  • adding, deleting and modifying textures (including embedding or externalization of image files and image format conversion)
  • adding, deleting and modifying animations
  • adding, deleting and modifying events and actions
The ALEX software development kit is shipped with detailed API documentation and source code samples.
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