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Having trouble understanding some of the terms on our website? This knowledge base is provided to help you understand better.

Geometric Description Language, contains all of the information necessary to completely describe building elements as 2D CAD symbols, text specifications and 3D models for calculations and presentations.
Learn more about GDL here:

TPZ is a proprietary 3D format developed and used by Toppan Printing Co. Ltd. in Japan for their CD-ROM catalogs. There are over thirty thousand TPZ objects representing real commercial products.
Learn more about TPZ (MediaPressCG) here:
See more TPZ here:

XVL is a lightweight, accurate 3D geometry format based on XML.
Learn more about XVL here:

XVL Viewer
A browser plug-in to view XVL content on Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.
Download XVL Viewer here:

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