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 Free software

GDL Scripter
Run this Java archive on any Java-compatible platform.
» More GDL Scripter
» Download free version 2.06 (JAR: 520K)
» Download latest version 2.05 (JAR: 520K)
» Download old version 1.12 (JAR: 470K)

License Requester
For licensing 3NF add-on products, copy this APX to the ArchiCAD Add-Ons folder.
» More about the licensing process
» Download (APX: 24K)

 Free 3D models


» Download XVL (XV3: 36K)


» Download XVL (XV3: 26K)

Entrance door

» Download XVL (XV3: 23K)


» Download XVL (XV3: 19K)


» Download XVL (XV3: 31K)

Storage rack

» Download 3DS (3DS: 1.8M)
» Download GSM (GSM: 812K)
» Download TPZ (TPZ: 79K)
» Download XVL (XV3: 100K)

Table setting

» Download XVL (XV3: 20K)


» Download XVL (XV3: 50K)


» Download XVL (XV3: 21K)


» Download XVL (XV3: 9K)


3NF localization how-to
Read this document for guideance about the translation and localization of 3NF software.
» Download (TXT: 2K)

GDL Scripter resources
After you read the localization how-to, you'll need this English language property file as base for localization.

» Download (PROPERTIES: 47K)

ALEX SDK documentation sample
This archive contains some samples of the ALEX API documentation.
» Download (ZIP: 47K)

ALEX SDK source code samples
These C++ code samples are here to demonstrate how easy ALEX is to work with.

The first sample program TransparentXVL turns an XVL model to a transparent one, by replacing all its original materials with a transparent blue one.
» Download (CPP: 2K)

The second sample program CompactXVL takes all the external texture image files referenced by the XVL and embeds them into the XVL file; thus converting the XVL into a portable unit without external texture dependencies. At the same time, it converts their image format to JPEG.
» Download (CPP: 2K)

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