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Here are some insights to help you understand 3NF Corporation better.

Who we are

We are Integrators of Technology, People and Business. We are engineers, analysts and scientists that are dedicated to making information technology work for your organization and the people in it.
We come from America, Asia, Europe. Different nations, cultures, languages, all working together on common goals.
We keep our focus on a core competence, and augment our expertise via relationships with other technology companies around the world.
Emerging from our experiences was a convergence of varied information needs and sources. Data. 2D images. 3D objects. We integrate information in ways that no other company can.

What we do

We establish a solid understanding of your business processes, and engineer or re-engineer them with you if necessary.
We establish a solid understanding of your requirements and goals.
We design an architecture of information technology that locks your business rules into a system or application.
We develop your solution interactively, continuously evolving the specifications to capture late breaking insights and ideas.
We implement your solution. Providing testing, training and continued support as needed.

How we do it

We use proven engineering methods to discover and develop your solutions. Our development efforts are stronger because of our abilities in analysis and design.
We make you part of the process. We do not pretend to know your business.
We bring your ideas to life. We do not have canned solutions, and the evolution of technology and business creates opportunities for ever better solutions to be discovered.

What we can do for you

Just about anything you can imagine. If you have an idea you think can improve your business, let us help you bring it to life.

E-mail: info@3nf.com

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