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 Company Information

Incorporated in New York on August 12, 1997 and in Japan on May 1, 2001, 3NF Corporation has become a true market innovator in the design and development of systems and applications.
With offices in New York and Tokyo, 3NF serves its global customers with customized solutions for businesses.

In 1999 3NF began working closely with a team of engineers in Russia, and in 2000, SimbirSoft Ltd. was established in the city of Ulyanovsk. An autonomous company providing solutions to Russian enterprises, SimbirSoft works exclusively as part of 3NF to provide global solutions.
In 2002 3NF established development teams in the Philippines, and in 2003, established a team in Hungary.

With a talented and experienced work force of over 50 people, 3NF can offer great value for its customers. Not only in areas of development but also in maintenance and training.

What 3NF means

3NF stands for Third Normal Form and is a level of database normalization.
Normalization is a scientific process of designing a relational data model (database). A database attains higher levels (forms) through superior design. Initially, 3NF was the highest level proposed by the father of relational databases, Dr. Edgar F. Codd.

 Active Markets

Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are often considered among the most demanding technologies. We have worked with both government and commercial sectors to support each, and have worked with many different technologies in doing so. From the desktop to the web, we have worked with and developed effective solutions for our customers.

2D / 3D Technologies
In our efforts to improve the sharing of data in a business, we found ourselves needing to develop various imaging technologies. We do not develop any new fileformats, only technologies to integrate information between standard formats (PDF, JPG, 3DS, etc.) and databases. There are already many great technologies for showing 2D and 3D information, and we have developed solutions that can connect your business data dynamically to those technologies.

Printing Industry
We are working with commercial printing companies to enable widespread database printing services for both traditional and digital printing. Our solutions help both the service provider and their customer.

Of our government projects we take the most pride in our effort of developing a housing management system whose primary objective was to improve the quality of life for U.S. government employees and their families. We have been actively supporting this effort since 1998, and we hope hat it continues indefinitely. We have had experience supporting the U.S. government in housing, engineering and various other activities.

Architecture / Housing
In recent years, there has been a convergence of our experiences focusing on housing and architectural markets in Japan. We have developed both web solutions and applications for the top housing makers, and numerous tools for the top architectural CAD providers.

 Driving Forces

Industry and government have spent extensive funding and manpower on developing and supporting standards for information technology. Many of these standards are proven to be effective. We follow the standards efforts of ISO, IEEE, DISA, W3C, Apache and numerous others.

Open Source
Some of the best minds in the world are behind Open Source software, and so are some of the best intentions. We are not here to advocate it at the expense of your business, but neither are we afraid to tell you that it may be best for you. We keep our minds and your choices open.

IDEF0, IDEF1X, OOAD (UML), Extreme programming, Design patterns

C/C++, Java, HTML, XML, Javascript, PHP, Perl

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